Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hi Students and Parents!
   This is my first blog posting, so bear with me! I've added the latest Promethean charts for this week. I am hoping to put a little Promethean type quiz on here, too. The test Friday is multiple choice, matching, and maybe a discussion question or two. We will have more matching than usual this week, which is why we have had so many vocabulary words for homework. I have noticed more of you seem to be reading ahead this week, because I am hearing more responses and questions than usual. This is definitely the direction you should be going.  Some of us have to learn the hard way, which is why I had the take home test last week; but once we figure it out, we're in really good shape!
   I had the opportunity to meet with AP teachers from high school today, and I am hearing that the things I am doing will help you to be more prepared when you get there. The constant push to read the material ahead, look over your notes daily, be organized, and give essay answers is right in line with their standards.
   Besides, we're getting to one of my favorite parts: The Constitution! Don't forget that we will soon recite the Preamble in class...and extra points if you can sing it!

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