Monday, April 26, 2010

PBL update

Wow! I am starting to see some amazing progress on our Civil War PBL Project! It seems like we have uncovered some unbelieveable creative talents!!!

It is getting down to the wire now, because we present a week from Thursday. Lord willing, we will be able to be outside between the football field and the soccer field; but if it rains, Coach Finch says we can use the Middle School Gym. All the teachers at CMS have been so great to work with about this. I really appreciate the way our faculty and staff all pitch in to help our students!

Today the spray paint and the cardboard cutters came out, which are good indicators that we will get everything done on time. Please realize that more rain is on the way, so we need to get as much done as we can around that. Some of you have been promising to bring tents and some big items later on, but do remember your class needs to be able to set up and take down a couple of times before the big day. The sooner we have all materials on hand, the better it will be.

Our plan is that we will check in for homeroom that day, then collect our materials and get to the field. We will set up our stations within about an hour and a half. The 7th Graders should come through between 9:30 and 11:30. We will bring our own sack lunches and eat on the field. If you need a sack lunch from the cafeteria, please let me know ASAP. After lunch we will share our presentations between classes, take down our sets, and relax a little from our hard work.

1st Period- You seem to have the scripting worked out really well. We just need a set!
2nd Period-Off to a great start...Still need your track going into the boxcar, and could use another tarp or two. Very creative idea with the noodles for rails...
4th-Not sure what happened with this class. It is time to become hands on, but you must bring the materials to be hands on. We're not fond of giving textbook work when you have the opportunity to do something more inviting.
5th-The North side has really gotten a jump on this with their city buildings. South side, where's the cave?
6th-You guys are causing some excitement! Can't wait to see how your secret ingredient works!
7th- You have a lot hinging on your video, so you need to make sure that everyone else is scripted well.

All in all, I am cautiously excited about how this is working. I have been considering asking someone from my old stomping grounds at WCBI to cover the event for the news. When I am a little more certain that everyone is on board and will be ready, I'll make the call.

Don't forget that my brother is standing by waiting for your e-mails if you need more information. He really is an expert on Civil War battles, and he is looking forward to hearing from you. If he doesn't know an answer right away, he knows where to find it.

Let's use every minute we have in class to its fullest!
Mrs. B

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