Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Various this week

7th Grade- I've noticed that some of you have started to slack off on the work in your groups, and you are falling away from the goals you set for your part of the museum. Make sure you are making a museum that you would be proud to show to the rest of the school. You agreed that the museum needs to be informative and interesting. Some of you are starting to get sloppy with information and resorting to last ditch creative efforts like posters. Please understand you will not get a good grade that way. Today, I saw students creating pieces that were nothing like the research you have found, and when I questioned why they were doing things this way, they said, "This is what it looked like." When I asked how they knew this, they said that they just knew it. This is unacceptable. We may not be able to be lifelike on every piece, but we should at least resemble reality. We have research that we have compiled in a binder. If this is not enough, find more; but be as accurate as possible.

Those who want to work on the front entry of the museum may stay after school today til 4PM.

8th Grade- Good job on the map quizzes! Most of you did exceptionally well. Do not forget that you have a test Friday on Chapter 4 Sections 1-3.  Also, expect a discussion question on this test. It will come from the notes and discussion in class and/or the video about the Salem Witch Trials. You can expect a project of your own in the next week or so.

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