Thursday, November 4, 2010

Extra Credit 8th Grade due 11/12/2010

Look up this site

Read #76 Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense” and #77 Charles Inglis’ “The True Interest of America Impartially Stated.”

Having read both sides, what do you think is the best course of action for the colonists in 1776? Write an essay that explores this topic. Be sure to use references to the primary sources as evidence, as well as your own knowledge of what was going on in the colonies at the time. This essay should be 2 pages, typed, double-spaced, and no larger than a 12-point font (Times New Roman or Arial).

This is a persuasive essay, but I DO NOT want you to use the word “I” or “I think.” I assume since this is an essay, it is what you think. In addition, you have been told by your English teacher to avoid use of 2nd person, or “you.”

Also, if you are going to be on the FBLA trip, you should have yours to me BEFORE  you go.

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