Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pics from Civil War Battlefield Park

Dylan narrates for the Union Blockade group.

Kathryn narrates before the 2nd Great Awakening awakes the crowd.

Lauren and Isis show off their costumes before the day starts.

Chelsea and Nicole catch a breather between takes.

James is the notorious John Wilkes Booth in action.

James leaps onto the stage from the balcony after the dastardly deed.

We catch a behind the scenes look at McKensi, Kayla, and Madison removing Ben's leg in the gruesome amputation scene.

Alex H. and Alex L. tend to a patient(Brittany) in the field hospital

Elizabeth and Amber tell the crowd what to expect in the field hospital

Ashekia, Emily, and Jordan give more details about the Lincoln assassination

Will, Kayla, Jeri Kay, and Will Y. get ready for the balcony scene at Lincoln's assassination.

Darielle, Zykia, Nic, Aysha, Alex, Brandon, and Dale get ready for their Harriet Tubman and the Underground Railroad scene

Alex, Brandon, Daniel, Jessica, and Savannah listen as Brandon tells about his journey escaping from Bloodhound Manor Plantation. 
Ben wails as they prepare for amputation.

Chelsea, Hannah,Elizabeth F., Elizabeth A., and Hayley pose as ladies during the movement for women's suffrage.

Haley portrays Clara Barton at Fredericksburg.

Latasha and Kayla deal with Shane's malaria and his not-so-fake nausea.

Darielle is being helped to freedom by Aysha (Harriet Tubman) as Zykia looks on.

4th Period emerges from the Lincoln assassination unscathed.

Will (Major Rathbone) escorts Hope across the Battlefield Park to get ready for her narration. 
The crowd anticipates the worst for President Lincoln.

I should be posting more of these soon. Stay tuned!

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