Saturday, August 13, 2011

Map Fun

Second and Fifth Period Classes got a little treat mixed in with their day Friday! They were first place in the class map competitions. Second Period won for the Pre-AP classes, and Fifth won for the regular classes. They competed in timed placing of states on the Promethean puzzle, then in states and capitals quizzes on the Promethean. The Pre-AP classes also did an advanced geography quiz.  Incidentally, Fifth Period beat ALL classes, both regular and Pre-AP in the puzzle competition! Great job, guys! For their efforts, I brought both classes juice and homemade cookies, plus they received extra points on their Chapter One quiz. Here's hoping there will be more reasons to celebrate in all of my classes!

By the way, do not give up on maintaining your knowledge of U.S. geography. One of the quizzes on that site is a puzzle without outlines-verrrrry difficult, but I'll bet you can do it with practice!

We are currently underway with our study of Native Americans. The first thing we want to establish is where they lived and how they made use of their environments. Using our original map of the United States as a base, we are creating overlays from non-glare sheet protectors and colorful Sharpies. If by chance you have either of these items to contribute to the class, we would be glad to use them!

I found the map below from San Jose State University's Jennifer J. Rycenga's course pages, and I thought it did a good job of helping us take the map on page 44 of our text and breaking it down into the states:

There's more to come on Native Americans!

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