Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Studying for the test

Just wanted to remind the Pre-AP students that this test is pretty big for you. It includes the French and Indian War and the events leading to the Revolutionary War. Make sure you are keeping events in order chronologically...because this event happened, this event happened...from 1763 through 1775. Other students, you also need to keep up with chronology. You will not test on French and Indian War, because we did that Friday.

Let me suggest putting the events on index cards with dates on the opposite side. Put them in order without looking at the dates.

I'm sorry some of you are experiencing problems with printing this time. It is probably because this presentation was created on a Promethean Program, then exported to PowerPoint. I was trying out that way of putting notes together, and I obviously won't be doing that again anytime soon. I'm just glad that we have this medium to even be able to share notes at all. For someone whose first interaction with a computer was in 1980 with a word processor larger than my whole desk, I am feeling pretty accomplished! I try to stay on top of the technology that can be utilized at our school and in most of your homes. However, even all of this techno wizardry will not replace reading and studying on your own. So use this as a help, not as the only thing you do.

Thursday is our day to do the giant timeline, so bring markers and be comfortable. We may spend time sitting in the floor:)

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