Thursday, January 31, 2013

Some things to know for your test Friday:
1) Explain at least three differences of opinion that led to the formation of two political parties during Washington’s presidency. Be sure to also include who was involved and how Washington and the public felt about it.

2)Who was involved in the election of 1796, and what was the result?

3) How did Adams manage to keep the United States out of a full scale war with France?

4)Why did the Federalist Party split into two factions?

5) Alien Acts: What was the President allowed to do?

What new restriction was put on people trying to establish residency for naturalization?

Why did Democratic Republicans think Federalists were politically motivated in passing these Acts?

6) Sedition Act: What did it allow, and what Constitutional Amendment did it directly oppose?

7) Kentucky and Virginia Resolutions: What were the Resolutions designed to do, why were they created, and who helped the states to create them?

8) Who determined the outcome of the 1800 election? Why?

9) Explain the XYZ Affair using the political cartoon we discussed. Explain at least 4 symbols in your answer.

Pre-AP should expect short answer and discussion questions for the entire test.

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