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I am trying to post your Chapter 11 guided reading...
Industrial Revolution-

Actually began in ______________(What country?) Began in what industry?___________________(What were they making?) The first machines in this industry and who made them?_______________ ___________ _______________ ___________

People who supplied the money for factories _____________________

This man memorized plans from a British factory to build the 1st successful textile mill in the U.S.:_____________________________ Improvement to manufacturing in other fields came with the idea of ______________________ _______________ from Eli Whitney. At first, this idea was used to produce _________________ for the government, but later was used for clocks, locks, and other goods. The War of 1812 had forced America to become more industrial. How? __________________________________________________________________________

Francis Cabot Lowell and his business partners created an entire factory town named ____________________,_________________________. During the Industrial Revolution, mill owners hired mostly ______________ and ______________, because they could ____________________________ and children could _______________________________________. Workers put in about ______ hours per day _____ days per week. During the early 1800’s, factories were very concerned with the health and safety of employees (True or False? ) A sign of wealth in a family at this time would be if _________________________________________.The growth of cities is called __________________.As the number of __________________ grew, so did the number of cities.

Problems in cities: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Good things in cities:


Americans Move Westward

What were the two well-known roads of the time? ___________________________

________________________________What was the mode of transportation to get down the Ohio River? _____________ What new states were formed between 1792 and 1819? ______________, ____________, ____________, _______________, ________________, ____________________,_____________________, ______________________ What date was MS added? ______________ Explain what a turnpike was: ___________________________________________________________Explain what a corduroy road was: __________________________________________________________________

The first road built by government was the _________________ Road.What are two advantages of steam transport? _______________________________________ and __________________________________The first to try to power a boat with a steam engine was unsuccessful. He was named _______________________. However, another inventor followed up and launched The ______________, a successful steamboat. His name was _______________________. Who designed a flat-bottomed steamboat? _____________________________ What were some issues with steamboats? ________________________________, _________________________________The Erie Canal went from _________________________ to _________________________. It was started in _______________ and finished in _______________. It dropped shipping costs to _______________________________.It also helped make _____________________City a center of commerce.

Unity and Division

Who became President in 1816? __________________What party was he in? ______________ How was he unusual, and why did people like him? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Monroe’s presidency is referred to as the Era ____ _________ ____________. By 1820, he ran unopposed, and the Federalist Party _________________________.

                                                               Calhoun                   Clay                     Webster

Region of the Country

For or against War of 1812

For or Against Slavery

Strong or Weak Gov’t

The purpose of a protective tariff is to __________________________________________________. Why did Congress pass a protective tariff? The tariff on imports made _____________ goods more expensive, which made ____________________ angry. They did not benefit, because their economy was not based on factories. Clay’s American System said that high tariffs could raise money for __________,__________________, and ___________________. These are called _______________ _______________. Of course, _________________ did not like Clay’s system, because they had the ___________________River, and other rivers to ship goods. They did not receive the benefit of canals and bridges. In McCulloch v. Maryland, the Supreme Court ruled that states could not interfere with ________________________ ______________________ within their borders.In Gibbons v. Ogden, the Court decided that the federal government has the power to regulate ____________ _________________ (trade between states).

New Nations in the Americas

Miguel ___________ led Mexico’s revolution against Spain in 1810. In Latin American revolutionary leader in Colombia was __________ ___________. The revolutionary leader in Argentina was Jose’de __________________. Brazil also won independence from ____________________. Why were new Central American and South American nations often unable to achieve democratic rule? ____________________________________________________________________________________

Who were the Black Seminoles? __________________________________________________ Why did Spain give up Florida to the U.S.?_______________________________ What was the name of the Treaty? _________________________________ What are some events that led to Monroe’s policy called the Monroe Doctrine? ______________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________

What did the Monroe Doctrine state? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Give an example of America’s enforcement of the Monroe Doctrine. ___________________________________________________________________

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