Wednesday, April 24, 2013

What's in the pictures?

We have pics from all six of my classes, and they are not in any particular order: Confederate spies try to steal a Union telegraph, but they are the ones intercepted; soldiers spend time between battles and share some real letters with loved ones; Union prisoners of war bring justice to thieves among themselves at the notoriously awful Andersonville Prison Camp; the Shirley House in Vicksburg is flanked by Union and Confederate forces, then occupied by the Union; Harriet Tubman leads a group to an abolitionist safe house along the underground railroad; and the student-created CSS Hunley reproduction is explained, along with the story of the gold coin. Each of the groups researched primary and secondary sources, created newsletter pages, and a museum piece. On the big day, they put their staging together and acted out their skits or narratives for grades four through nine, parents, and teachers. WCBI-TV came out, along with Superintendent Lynn Wright and Percy Lee. We had beautiful weather all day, and Mrs. Dobronski brought in pizza for lunch. We had several parents helping out all day, but a special thanks goes to Mr. Jackson for bringing his flatbed trailer and helping us get everything out to the field early in the morning, then helping us get the field cleaned off for the 3 o'clock start of football spring practice. The 4th Annual Civil War Battlefield Park Day was a great success because of the teamwork of all involved. Thank you!!!!!

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