Sunday, August 18, 2013

Welcome Back to School!

I hope you are all getting settled into your new routines this year. I also hope that checking this blog every week will be part of that routine:) This past week, we have had bell work each day, two homework assignments, a couple of charts, a timeline, and an in-class writing assignment. Whew! We have been busy! This week, expect to review Monday, take a quiz, and take a test on Chapter One Tuesday. Expect to see some vocabulary terms, multiple choice, true-false, and discussion. Again, expect bell questions daily, and have Chapter Two key terms ready for me to check by Friday. Chapter Two is the explorers, something you have probably studied before. However, we will make use of some primary sources to make these people seem a bit more real to us. If you don't get anything else from this blog post, please, please, please, make it a habit to read your text. In Pre-AP, I expect you to have read ahead of what we discuss. Hopefully, we move along at an average pace of about a section a day. For right now, that means that you should have read all of Chapter One. We will get to the first section of Chapter Two Wednesday, which means you should read that before Wednesday. I am still trying to put names and faces together, so please bear with me. I am looking forward to another awesome year at CMS with all of you!!!

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