Monday, April 18, 2011

PBL in Full Swing!

7th Grade Students should be putting finishing touches on their entries into the Caledonia Middle-Middle Ages Museum. We have already been through tons of cardboard, hot glue, spray paint, and popsicle sticks!Students will be able to view the museum by Monday when we return from Easter, and parents will be able to see it that night (the 25th) from 5 to 7 PM. We will have refreshments, also.

8th Graders are hopefully well underway with scripts and props for their jobs as Park Rangers in the Caledonia Battlefield Park. We have a parent meeting at 5 PM Tuesday (19th) for parents who want to be on committees to help us get ready for the big day. The official day for the Park is still set for the 29th.






Top to bottom:

1)This knight had to be spray painted, and I loved his silhouette against the sun streaming through the clouds!
2)We were worried that a group of 7th grade boys might not be able to be serious enough to do a good job, but I'm glad we took a chance on them:) They have a great project about Viking weaponry, and they are nearly finished! Way to go, guys!
3)In 6th Period, Divine Design is involved in creating a medieval cathedral! Watch for all the intricate details on this one!
4)7th Period does not want to rest on their good reputation after their George Washington video. They begin planning their Civil War Field Hospital right away!
5, 6, 7) 5th Period is excited about The Underground Railroad, Harriet Tubman, Union Blockades, and The 2nd Great Awakening. They are definitely knocking on the door, 7th Period!

4th Period is doing Abraham Lincoln and the Women's Suffrage Movement. We are seeing great research and some beginnings of scripts and small props.

The storm last week put us behind in taking our 8th grade test and working on our projects, but just like in real life, we have to meet deadlines. If you need the time, remember I will be around most afternoons after school.

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