Friday, September 26, 2014

New Posts for 2014-2015

I have finally gotten the Chapter 5 presentation uploaded! Your test on Chapter 5 is Tuesday. Please use the blog to be a reference to things you may want to know more about, as a way to keep up in class, and as a way to get ahead of the class a little bit. From time to time, I will post pictures of students on the blog, but I will not post them if you do not have web permission or if I do not get permission from you. For instance, Weston gave a great presentation about cotton and separating the seeds today. It was pretty easy to see why the cotton gin was such a hit! Look for pics soon:) If you see something that you like or something that you find helpful, please let me know. I do this for you, and I love doing it for you. However, it takes a great amount of time, and if it is not doing what we need it to do, I can refocus my energies elsewhere. I want you to get the most out of my class that you possibly can!

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